Monday, March 3, 2008

Writing Photo Journal Entries

Assignment 1: Writing Photo Journal Entries

1. Register a FREE account at

2. Sign in and create your first photo journal.

3. Upload at least 5 photos. You must be in the photos, and the background must clearly show some interesting sites or features of the place/s that you've visited.

4. Write a short journal entry explaining or describing what the photos are about.

5. Please feel free to add your voice or video recording.


1. How to upload images (photos) on voicethread? Watch this video tutorial.

2. Frequently asked questions, click here

3. To add your texts, click on the Icon 'A'. A new text box will appear. Once you're done click 'Save'

4. Once you're done doing your assignment don't forget to add the URL (web address) of your photojournal to the Photojournal LINK under the LINKS area of our Yahoogroup.

Let me know if you have questions.